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E Safety Parents Workshop Report

Safer Digital Practises Parents’ Session November 2018
Thank you to Sarah Badley (Internet Safety Officer) from the multi award winning Dorset Safe Schools and Community Team who has once again visited our school to update us on the current issues surrounding online safety.

Thank you also to the parents who attended the Parents Session.
Listed below are the current APPs, Games, websites which are popular and all of them have associated risks:

App/Game/Website Rating Risks

TIK TOK (Formally known as Musical.y) 13 years Risks involve viewing and sharing inappropriate content online. Ensuring accounts are private rather than public. Stranger danger- accounts may be accessible to friends/other subscribers rather than private.


building game  7 years Available as multiplayer mode online- check settings!
Make sure text/chat are turned off.
Can communicate via signs.
Parental consent is required for U13s.


Coding Game creation 7 years Not all games are appropriate for young children e.g zombies.
Check text and voice chat are off.
Check multiplayer modes.
Parental Controls have PIN and can filter chat.


Shooter Survival Game  12 years Last man standing ‘killing’ game
Multiplayer with text and voice chat
Features which attract younger players- cartoon style, collecting objects, regular updates which can be bought (Check settings)
Can be addictive.


Dating Simulator
/Psychological Horror Game  13 years Game looks like a dating simulator but is actually a psychological horror, visual novel, dark , gore, violent and sexual content.
Explores mental health.


Social Media and photo sharing 13/16 years Viewing and showing inappropriate content.
Livestreaming to public audience.
Private message/group chat
Location can be found if settings not turned off.
Online friends/strangers

social media/photo sharing 13 years Viewing and sharing inappropriate content.
Snapmaps shares location if not switched off. .
Memories section- can store secretive pictures/messages.
Online friends/stranger/group chat
Snapstreaks- some incidents with passwords shared in order to gain streaks.

YUBO (Formally YELLOW)

Teen dating Parental Guidance Dating app.
Normally signs in with snapchat- check settings.
Lots of requests for inappropriate photos.
Online friends/strangers/public
OMEGLE- Adult Live video Chat 18 years Adult live video chat- danger of grooming/stranger danger


Livestreaming of gaming Parental Guidance  Automatically available to Prime Users. Check child access to Fire Sticks etc.
Livestreaming- even if children are not allowed to play 18+ games then they can view them being played.
Also linked to You Tube gaming.


Further Advice

Parents have been advised to continue to check what their children are playing online and more importantly to check the settings associated with these games/Apps. Setting up parental controls will help to reduce the risk of children becoming vulnerable but this needs to be combined with educating children about the possible associate risks surrounding online gaming. Parents are advised to talk openly to their children about their online practises and the associated risks.
• Check virus protection:  ensure that mobile devices and laptops have the relevant software to protect from viruses and other malware.

• Help your child be resilient:  Understand how the different apps, websites and games work by trying them yourselves.  Once you are familiar with these; help the children to use the tools available on each account or app such as blocking and reporting.

• Know and understand how to set privacy settings on websites and apps. 

• Consider using Parental Controls on broadband and devices.

Dealing With An Incident
• Minor fallouts between friends online may be able to be sorted without involving others. 
• Get advice from school website about the best course of action.
• Contact the Safe Schools and Community Team who can provide advice surrounding online safety.
•  Know how to report online and when to report to school or police if your child has a problem. If in any doubt contact the school who will be able help and find appropriate contact details.


There is a wealth of e-safety information on the Mudeford Junior School Website. This can be accessed via:
Parents: E Safety Guidance & FAQs: E-Safety Advice for Parents: Tips