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Children's Welfare and Behaviour

Article 26 states, “children have a right to an education. Discipline in schools should respect children’s human dignity…..”

In Mudeford Junior School we want to promote good behaviour through a clear code of conduct which children, parents and staff understand and support. 

The children contribute to both class and lunchtime charters. Charters are a set of standards agreed by both children and adults, where everyone’s rights and responsibilities are recognised and respected.

We have identified responsibilities which apply to us all and help the smooth running of the school. They are:
  • treat other people with respect;
  • be kind and polite to everyone;
  • take care of their own and respect the property of others;
  • look after the school environment.
At all times the school will seek to work with parents to resolve any problems. On rare occasions it may be necessary to exclude children from school whose behaviour is unacceptable. An exclusion may be for a fixed period or permanent. Also children who prove to be disruptive at lunch times may be excluded from school during the lunch break.

A comprehensive guide to the School’s Behaviour Policy is available to parents in the policies section of the website or by clicking below. The school does not accept bullying and any allegations of bullying will be investigated. A copy of the School’s Bullying Policy is also available to parents in the policies section.

We aim to support the children with positive messages about the good behaviour we want to encourage. We do this by praising good behaviour constantly referring to the class charters and a variety of reward systems including Rights Respecting Time and Merits.