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Road Safety and Bicycles

Road Safety
Many parents bring their children to school by car. As you can imagine this can cause congestion especially at home time. 

We encourage children to walk to school as often as possible. If they are brought to school by car perhaps you could consider dropping them off a little way from school to encourage them to walk part of the journey each day.

The congestion can be greatly helped by:

  • parking a little way down Mudeford Lane and walking to the school gate
  • avoid parking on the pavement
  • using the visitor spaces in the car park when available
  • avoid parking over the drive ways of the homes adjoining the school
  • avoid parking near the zig zag lines
  • only parking on the school side of Mudeford Lane

We urge you not to reverse in the school car park. This can be avoided if you arrive early and turn your car round when the children are still in school.

Thank you for your support in ensuring the safety of our children.


Children are allowed to come to school on a bicycle unaccompanied but this is up to the discretion of the parents. We strongly encourage helmets to be worn.