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School Aims

We are extremely proud that Mudeford Junior School is a UNICEF UK Gold  Rights Respecting School which promotes the Rights and Responsibilities of all the community in the school (valid 2020 - 2023).

Every child is given a copy of the United Nations Convention for the Rights on the Child (UNCRC) which lists the articles in the Convention. These are referred to frequently throughout the school year. This enables the children to understand not only their rights, but also the responsibility they have to respect the rights of others.

The school’s Vision Statement is:
Mudeford Junior School is a rights respecting school. We are fully committed to promoting the rights of the world’s children as described in the UNCRC.

Article 3 states, “All organisations concerned with children should work towards what is best for each child.”

Mudeford Junior School fosters academic, personal and spiritual development in a caring and challenging environment so that children and staff can reach their full potential.

We seek to provide stimulating and challenging learning with support for different ability levels. We will develop high expectations of individual performance. We will set targets for each group and individuals. We will evaluate and review learning and teaching in order to maintain high standards of attainment and progress.

We develop a positive culture of achievement through involving the children and parents in lifelong learning. We encourage the children to become active, informed citizens of the future and adopt healthy life styles empathising and engaging with the world around them.

The children are entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum. We seek to enable every child to realise his or her full potential and through this develop positive attitudes and a feeling of self worth.

In order to achieve this, the aims of the school are:
  • To create a happy, caring and safe school within which children develop positive self-esteem
  • To develop positive and informed global citizens
  • To provide a broad and challenging curriculum so that the children achieve their full potential
  • To achieve high standards of teaching and learning
  • To maintain high standards of attainment and progress
  • To encourage the children’s own creativity
  • To promote high standards of behaviour, courtesy and self-discipline
  • To ensure that all members of the school enjoy equal opportunities
  • To encourage children to lead a healthy and active life
  • To encourage parents to participate in the education of their children
  • To develop the partnership between school, parents and the community

Mudeford Junior School is a Gold Level  Rights Respecting School which promotes the Rights and Responsibilities of all the community associated with the school.

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