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Week 4

We did lots of practise this week of everything that we have learnt so far.

We focussed on changing between our first two chords, C major and F major. 

We then used this to be able to play along to 'Mary Had A Little Lamb'.

We strum the chords to a regular pulse throughout.

For example, for the first line of the song, we strum the chord 4 times.

Maryhad alittlelamb
F major strumF major strumF major strumF major strum


Then for the next line, we swap to C major for two chord strums, then back to F major for another two chord strums.

C major strumC major strumF major strumF major strum


Can you look carefully at the rest of the song and switch between the two chords at the right time?



If you are feeling like a challenge, there are many verses of this song, can you work out the strumming pattern for the extra verses?