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Year 4 Summer term Trip Ancient Technology Centre, Cranborne

Year 4 Summer term Trip

Ancient Technology Centre, Cranborne


Dear Parents,


We are delighted to have the opportunity for Year 4 to visit the Ancient Technology Centre in Cranborne during the summer term.


The Centre delivers an authentic, hands on experience for the children, bringing to life all the different periods the children have studied during Year 3 and 4; the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages, the Romans, Anglo Saxons and Vikings.  The children will be able to explore reconstructed buildings of the times and will take part in skills and crafts, such as blacksmithing, felt making and willow weaving, following processes that have remained unchanged for thousands of years.


Both Year 4 classes will be visiting the Ancient Technology Centre on Thursday 19th May 2022.  We will leave school at 9am and return to Mudeford for 4pm.  The later return time will ensure the children can maximise the opportunities provided throughout the day.


This trip is such a valuable and exciting experience for the children that the school governors have kindly agreed to subsidise the cost and this is now £15.00. We are therefore seeking a voluntary contribution of £15.00 by no later than Friday 1st April 2022.  The Governing Body has agreed that if the total value of voluntary contributions falls below 90% of the overall cost, then the trip/activity will be cancelled.  The school is happy to accept payments in instalments in the period between details being sent to parents/guardians and the final date for receipt of voluntary contributions.  Payment can be made online with ParentMail (you can select this item by going to Payments and then Shop) or by cash or cheque made payable to Mudeford Junior School.

The Governors appreciate the on going support of the parents and guardians in continuing to make contributions, enabling us to provide a range of opportunities for the children.


Click here to visit the website /  to see what the ATC has to offer!


Yours sincerely


Year 4 teachers – Mrs Miller            Mrs Lee