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Internet Safety Talks for Parents (Wednesday 13th November 2pm)

Internet Safety

Information Session for Parents and Carers on: Wednesday 13th November 2pm.


There have been incidents recently highlighted by the media that have raised enquiries from parents and carers, as to HOW they can protect their children whilst on the Internet. In response to this, the Safe Schools & Communities Team have put together information sessions for parents and carers.


These sessions are being offered to all schools across the County to give parents a reference for sources of useful advice and support. Our children have access to the Internet via school, friends, and libraries and even via mobile phones and games stations, so this information is important even if you may not have Internet access in the home.


Whilst we seek to protect our children it is important to keep the risk in perspective, as there are great benefits to the use of the Internet. It is really a case of taking simple, sensible steps along with parental/carer vigilance, to minimise the risk, and equip our children with the knowledge and skills to keep them safe from harm.


The Internet is a great tool …but it does have a ‘Dark Side’ and the whole concept of this session is to raise your awareness so you can identify where threats and potential dangers may lie.