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E-Safety Guidance & FAQs

With children spending more and more time online we continue to promote the need to keep our children safe online whilst still allowing them to have fun and enjoy all that the internet offers. Year 5 and 6 have had the great opportunity of attending an e-safety workshop led by Andrew Williams (E-safety consultant from SWGfL) He provided us with some very useful advice and guidance for Parents and Caregivers about keeping children safe online. 


Two videos can be found in E-safety section of our Video Resource Centre 

Parents Q&A Video

On this video, Andrew Williams (SWGfL) answers some of your questions about the easiest ways to keep your children safe online; how to keep children safe in terms of content on YouTube; managing children's friends online; where to find more information about keeping children safe online; what the biggest online risks are and the best service platform APPS available to parents in order to provide the best protection online. Thank you to the parents who e-mailed in with questions for Andrew. 


Andrew's Parenting Online training video 

On this video, Andrew Williams (SWGfL) gives lots of advice for parents and caregivers about how to keep children safe online.